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formerly Head of Medical Advising and Clinical Safety @ GKM Gesellschaft für Therapieforschung mbH

Choosing the right safety reporting workflow for your study

2019-06-06T20:11:26+00:0017 November, 2016|Tags: , |

Safety comes first. Always. Especially in the clinical setting. Naturally and importantly, safety event reporting and pharmacovigilance are subject to severe regulatory oversight. Consequently - and here, I’m confident you will agree with me based on your own experience: When planning a clinical project, one of the most sensitive, and coincidentally most important issues, is the establishment of a secure, feasible, functional and effective safety reporting workflow [...]

Pragmatismus gefragt – Herausforderungen und Chancen für die klinische Forschung im Zeitalter der frühen Nutzenbewertung in Deutschland

2019-06-06T20:11:28+00:0017 November, 2015|Tags: , , , |

[:de]Harsche Pharma-Kritik - Bereits zum dritten Mal erschien im September dieses Jahres der Innovationsreport der Techniker Krankenkasse. Wie in den vorausgegangenen Ausgaben analysieren darin Experten um den Bremer Professor Gerd Glaeske die Verordnungszahlen neuer Medikamenten [...][:]

Failure, holy grail and back again

2019-06-06T20:11:28+00:0022 September, 2015|Tags: , |

Why breakthrough in Alzheimer’s disease is still far away - Usually, publications about Alzheimer’s disease (AD) start with horrific statistics about current and future prevalence and incidence rates of the disease. And indeed, the figures are horrifying: facing demographic changes, the UN prognosis of worldwide more than 150 million affected people by the year 2030 [...]


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