Project Description

Data management, database setup and maintenance, data capture and cleaning for EDC eCRF and paper CRF

The path from raw data entries to valid and sound results is long and needs to be carefully maintained in order to minimise risks for your project. At GKM, we interpret data management as a critical sustained process that continues throughout the entire duration of the study. GKM’s data management is perfectly placed to support you on this mission.

Whether you choose paper- or electronic data capture (EDC) based data management for your project, whether you are planning a local survey or an extensive and complex multinational clinical trial – our data management can set it up just the way you need it.

GKM’s data management validates and maintains the database to ensure full compliance with the study protocol and your SOPs, and to deliver the best possible results. Regular and thorough data cleaning and ongoing critical evaluation of the data capture processes used and their functionality are naturally included in our data management processes.

Every single member of our data management team is vastly experienced and on hand to offer every data management service you need throughout the project.

The GKM data management commitment to quality also requires that medical data review and coding is performed by GKM’s medical doctors. Data validation, listings and reports, eCRF training and helpdesk are tailored to your requirements.

Others might underestimate data management – but for us, the quality of data management is vital to the success of your project.

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