Project Description

Biostatistical biometric consulting on study design, endpoints, sample size estimation and medical statistics and statistical analysis in clinical research

Our biostatistics staff accompanies your project every step of the way, offering biostatistic advice on designing your study and selecting the appropriate endpoints. A team of two statisticians is assigned to every project, enabling critical evaluation at every stage. All statistical programming and writing performed by our biostatistics department is double-checked by another, independent biostatistician, thus ensuring validity and consistency of the results from interim findings to the final analysis.

Our biostatistics staff knows how vital it is to present sound statistical results in ways that fulfil any demand. A key part of biostatistics day-to-day work involves compiling reports and medical/statistical writing in diverse formats to suit specific target audiences.

And whether these are the scientific, medical or marketing community, external authorities or the general public, our biostatisticians always strike the perfect balance – delivering insight for all.

Our biostatistics team also provides stand-alone consulting services for a wide range of requests. In addition, GKM biostatisticians offer tutorials and seminars tailored for any audience – giving you an outstanding opportunity to foster greater understanding of biostatistics among your employees.

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